Cheap Coffins for Cremation

A cremation can’t take place without a coffin, it is a requirement

And lets face it, theres no need to spend a great deal on this part of the funeral.

A cardboard coffin is an ideal option if you’re looking for a cheap coffins for cremation.

Save Money and the Environment

Traditional coffins are easily £750+, whereas a cardboard coffin starts from £230. Saving £500+.

And the difference in the price is due to the material. Cardboard is a popular, widely used material. A traditional coffin is made of heavy duty wood, which is a lot costlier.

Plus they’re eco friendly. Cardboard coffins are often made from recycled materials. They use a lot less energy to create (and cremate for that matter). And nothing artificial is added, they’re 100% natural.

There are other materials that are cheaper than a traditional coffin too, like willow and seagrass. But even these are still £400+.

At £230, a cardboard coffin is the cheapest coffin for cremation.

Cheap Cardboard Coffins for Cremation

Every single one of the cardboard coffins that we sell is suitable for cremation (plus we don’t charge extra for it, like some other sellers do).

And they’re cheap, we know because we’ve checked.

Oh, and each one is delivered for free. Plus they come with a 100% money back guarantee (because we know buying online can be a worry).

Lets find you a cardboard coffin for a cremation…

We keep this simple, there are two ranges:


The cheapest prices (but still sturdy and eco friendly).


High quality, high finish cardboard coffins.

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p.s. your funeral director should not charge you for supplying your own coffin. If they try to, explore your options.