Cheap Coffins for Cremation

The majority of crematoria in the U.K. require a coffin to be used in a cremation. And lets face it, theres no need to spend a great deal on this part of the funeral.

Fortunately, there are a couple of options available to you to find cheap coffins for cremation. The two main ways to save money are:

  1. Avoid buying from a Funeral Director
  2. Consider other materials (e.g. bamboo, cardboard, wicker, etc)

Avoid Buying from a Funeral Director

This is the single best way to save money when buying a coffin for cremation.

Without pointing fingers, the markup on coffins at most Funeral Directors is substantially above that of those selling coffins online.

Our research shows that buying a cardboard coffin online can save you a substantial amount. We found that the average price that Funeral Directors charge is £385. The most popular one we sell is £192.

Thats £193 saved! Which is more than what we sell them for…

Whilst this is specifically for cardboard coffins, the same applies for coffins made from other materials (e.g. traditional, bamboo, wicker).

Admittedly, there is a bit more effort involved in purchasing a coffin online. At the Funeral Directors you select your preference and they sort it out for you.

When buying online you have to select your preference, trust the seller, submit an order, and wait for it to arrive. However, this extra effort can save you hundreds (and the coffin can be delivered straight to your Funeral Director).

And there’s no reason to worry. Our reviews show that many previous customers had a good experience and had the coffin delivered timely without a problem.

Other Materials

Traditional coffins these days are typically made of veneered MDF (think IKEA furniture). Solid wood coffins are often available but these are usually much pricer. However, these two options don’t have the strongest environmental credentials.

Fortunately, coffins made from alternative materials are readily available these days. Popular materials include:

  • Bamboo
  • Wicker
  • Cardboard
  • Wool

These natural materials are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a different option to the traditional and can be a statement piece. Plus they’re typically 100% biodegradable and suitable for both cremation and burial.

Admittedly, some of these materials are not cheaper than the absolutely cheapest traditional coffin but some are and are worth investigating. You can save money and the environment.


Well, while you are here, we’ll provide our case for the humble cardboard coffin.

Cardboard coffins are cheaper than a traditional coffin when purchased from the right place (not a Funeral Director!). And the difference in the price is due to the material. Cardboard is a popular, widely used material.

Plus they’re eco friendly too. The majority of the cardboard used has been recycled and the new cardboard comes from sustainable forests. They use a lot less energy to create (and cremate for that matter). And nothing artificial is added, they’re 100% natural.

There are other materials that are cheaper than a traditional coffin too, like bamboo and willow. But even these are still £350+.

At £192, the manila cardboard coffin is the cheapest cardboard coffin for cremation (we know because we’ve checked).

Looking to save money and the environment?

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p.s. your funeral director should not charge or prevent you for buying a coffin from elsewhere. If they try to, then it’ll be worth exploring your options on alternative Funeral Directors.