Cardboard Coffins for Cremation

Cremations are a popular method of parting with a loved one. Up to 70% of those who pass on are cremated in the U.K.

And it is a requirement for the process to involve a coffin.

The coffin can be made of any material that is combustable. The most common coffins are the traditional wood. But environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, wicker, and cardboard are becoming increasingly popular.

It is essential that the coffin does not have any fixtures or fittings which are unsuitable for cremation (usually metal items). Cardboard coffins don’t, which is one reason why they’re increasing in popularity.

But finding a cardboard coffin for cremations is frustrating. Some times its just not clear if one is suitable. And some times the seller charges a bit extra for one to be cremated.

And thats why every one of the cardboard coffins we sell is suitable for cremation.

And definitely no extra charges. Every single one can be used in a cremation.

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Ways to get value for money

The cost of a funeral quickly adds up. But there are ways and means of bringing down the cost.

One way is to use a cardboard coffin. They are generally a lot cheaper than the traditional coffin. A few hundred rather than £1,000+.

Plus they’re better for the environment with less emissions and less felling of trees.

However some people, but certainly not all, look down on cardboard coffins.

One way to work around this is to use a ‘coffin cover’.

This is where a traditional looking coffin acts as a cover over a cardboard coffin. This, now traditional looking, coffin is used in the service. When the service is over, the cover is removed and the cremation takes places with the cardboard coffin.

A slight alternative with some funeral directors and crematoriums is that allow a traditional coffin or casket to be rented during the funeral service. And then again the body is cremated in a cardboard coffin when the service has finished.

These methods retain the tradition of a normal cremation but save money and are kinder on the environment.


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Remember, all of our cardboard coffins are suitable for cremation (oh, and they have a 100% money back guarantee).