Shop for Cardboard Coffins

Cardboard coffins offer an affordable and environmentally friendly way to say goodbye. You can save hundreds of pounds and be content knowing you’ve helped.

A traditional coffin will set you back around £1,000. Save hundreds of pounds by using a sustainably sourced and 100% natural coffin.

This store specialises in cardboard coffins. Its kept simple, to make your choice as easy as possible.

There are two ranges:

  • Value: provides the lowest prices.
  • Premium: offers good value and high quality finishes.

Value Range

The Value range has 3 cardboard coffins, each with a different finish. These are:

Premium Range

The Premium range has 8 cardboard coffins, with photo finishes. These are:

Other Coffins

We also offer the following eco friendly coffins:


The urns available are: