Cardboard Coffin Company Reviews

Reviews from previous customers give comfort. They reassure us that we’re making an informed decision.

The experiences of people just like us, who’ve been through what we’re going through, is helpful.

Especially when your buying a large item that you don’t often buy, like a coffin…

Below is a summary of the Cardboard Coffin Company reviews from other sites online. There are links in appropriate places for you to double check these are legit reviews…


All of our reviews on Trustpilot are 5 stars:

These are all reviews from previous customers who have taken the trouble to explain their experience.

Reviews on Trustpilot can’t be deleted or censored. They’re all genuine satisfied customers.


All the reviews received on Google are 5 stars too…

Each one is from a previous customer that ordered a coffin online, had one delivered, and was completely satisfied.


We have 100% feedback on Ebay.

Here’s the stats:

Every review has been positive. Not one neutral or negative review.

Actual reviews from satisfied customers include:

  • Personal attention received was second to none. No hesitation in recommending. – Sue
  • wonderfully easy experience at a difficult time – bereavement. – Mary
  • Really pleased. Excellent communication with seller. Thank you – Lorna
  • Buy with confidence from this excellent seller, very helpful and quick to post – Nicky
  • Contacted seller and responded very fast, delay in posting due to easter – Sylvia
  • Great correspondence, great product, delivered exactly on time. Thanks! – Lynda
  • Great communication and service. Would highly recommend. Thank you – Jackie
  • Good value and service – Phil
  • A***** excellent service – Jane
  • Good ebayer, good item – Terry
  • Great service, thanks – Paul


As well as the confidence that all of these positive reviews provides, every coffin has a 100% guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the product, it can be returned to us and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

No qualms or hassle.

Here’s to you becoming the next satisfied reviewer…

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