Other Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve written a few guides about cardboard coffins to hopefully help you in your research. But theres a few other questions that come up that don’t need a whole page written about them.

So here are the other frequently asked questions about cardboard coffins:

Why are cardboard coffins so expensive

Coffins aren’t cheap. But cardboard coffins are typically considered to be the cheaper coffin option. However, even they can be considered to be expensive, it is just cardboard after all, isn’t it?

Well, yes, but it needs to be put into context. Primarily that coffins are large items (they do need to hold a body after all). This has the following consequences:

  • Delivery of them is not cheap (we pay more than £40 for each one to be delivered)
  • They take up a lot of warehouse space
  • A lot of raw material goes into making them.

These costs all add up.

Plus, unfortunately, the price of them needs to be considered in light of how coffins have previously been sold, through Funeral Directors.

It is well known that Funeral Directors have a healthy markup on coffins. In fact, we did some research on it. And found that cardboard coffins are sold for £170 more (on average) through Funeral Directors than they are sold for online.

Our cheapest, the Manila, is currently £192. Our research found that the exact same one is sold for £367 on average through Funeral Directors.

Almost twice the price. For the same thing. Now that is expensive.

To summarise, cardboard coffins are ‘ so expensive’ because of the size of them and actually are expensive (or rather overpriced) when bought through a Funeral Director.

Floral Cardboard Coffins

Picture cardboard coffins are a real statement. They proudly demonstrate an interest that the deceased had. Whether it is a specific flower or something a bit more general, a floral cardboard coffin can be a beautiful addition to any service.

The floral cardboard coffins that we have are:

If none of these designs are for you then please contact us. We can also source other designs and would be pleased to discuss the options with you.