Cardboard Coffins Ebay

Ebay is the worlds online marketplace, where people buy and sell almost anything. Its a firm favourite of millions of people and countless transactions happen everyday.

And cardboard coffins Ebay are no exception. They’re available on Ebay too.

Ebay is a great option for someone purchasing a cardboard coffin for the following reasons:

• Money Back Guarantee: Ebay ensures that you get your order or you get your money back. This covers pretty much everything they sell and there is no extra to pay for this privilege (valuable security when you’re spending a few hundred pounds on an item).

• Free Delivery: Most items on Ebay come with free delivery (especially useful when you’re buying something big and bulky like a cardboard coffin).

Feedback: Looking at the feedback from real people who have already bought a cardboard coffin from an Ebay seller is invaluable.

• Free Returns: A lot of the sellers on Ebay offer free returns. It can be a worry buying online, will it arrive like it looks in the picture?

Overall, its a buyer friendly place to purchase a cardboard coffin. You have the protection of Ebay and its reputation. And being ripped off is not going to happen with their buyer protection.

Look out for each of these benefits on the product page to make sure you’re protected.

Cardboard Coffins On Ebay

We here at the Cardboard Coffin Company have our cardboard coffins available on Ebay. Its a good place for you to buy an item, you know it and trust it. You’re welcome to visit our listings.

We are not the only ones that sell on Ebay, its worth searching around to find the right one for you. But we do strive to be the best value and always putting you first.

The most popular cardboard coffins are available on Ebay, these are:





Plus you can feel safe in the knowledge that we have 100% positive feedback on Ebay:

And these are some previous customers comments:

‘A wonderfully easy experience at a difficult time – bereavement – Mary

‘Personal attention received was second to none. No hesitation in recommending’Sue

‘Good value and service’Phil


Visit Ebay and save yourself hundreds compared to buying from a Funeral Director.