In order to make life easier for you, we’ve put together a variety of guides and articles which will make choosing a cardboard coffin easier.

Cardboard Coffin Prices

This guide provides two tables which show the types of cardboard coffins available and the prices. This is a roundup of all the sellers of cardboard coffins on the internet.

Cardboard Coffin Costs

This is a summary of the costs associated with buying a cardboard coffin.

Cardboard Coffins for Cremations

This article is a guide to cardboard coffins and having them in a cremation.

Cheap Coffins

A guide to get a cheap coffin and save money.

Cheapest Coffin You Can Buy

A summary of the cheapest coffins available to buy.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the other frequently asked questions about cardboard coffins

Bamboo Coffins: A Guide

A guide to bamboo coffins including information about the material, styles available, prices, and delivery.