Bamboo Coffins: A Guide

Bamboo coffins are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional coffin. For good reason:

  • They are eco friendly
  • 100% natural
  • And look great

But its probably not a product you know much about. Because lets be honest, you’re probably here because a loved one has, or is close to, passing away. And you’re researching the options available for them. 

If this is the case, then this guide has been created for you. 

Read on to discover more about bamboo coffins…

Bamboo — The Material

Without getting technical, Bamboo is an evergreen plant with hollow stems. And it is a fascinating natural material.

It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world (according to the Guinness Book of Records). Some species are known to grow up to 91cm a day(!) in the right conditions. Whilst that growth rate is extraordinary, most bamboo still grows between 3–10cm a day. 

Did you know that it produces 30% more oxygen than trees do. And it effectively absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. 

When grown on a well managed farm, the plant will be expertly cut to encourage new shoots and produce seedlings. As a result, this fast growing natural material is considered to be a renewable resource. 

The species of bamboo commonly used for making coffins is also known as ‘builders bamboo’ in Asia. It is also used for building houses and bridges in the far east. It is used because the structure of the bamboo plant gives it a strength to weight ratio that is often better than many other materials, including steel.

Bamboo Eco Coffin

A coffin made from this sustainable renewable material is a true eco coffin. It is 100% natural and completely biodegradable. Therefore, a bamboo coffin can be used for a eco/green funerals and on natural burial grounds. 

This is in comparison with the most common choice of coffin today, the traditional coffin. These are commonly made of veneered MDF (think IKEA furniture). They are often manufactured using a chemical known as formaldehyde, which has been linked to serious illnesses. These are then often cremated and can pollute the air.

Bamboo coffins, on the other hand, are often handmade and woven by skilled craftspeople. They are manufactured by creating a solid frame which then has bamboo cane woven through it. As a result, they can be used for both cremations and burials.

Not only are they environmentally friendly, they are an attractive wholesome product that is a statement piece. They are often available in traditional coffin style, like this:

And in alternative styles, such as this rounded one:

No need to just take our word for it. Here’s a what a few previous customers, who bought a bamboo coffin, have said:

Recommend 100%

Absolutely recommend. Beautiful bamboo casket, reasonably priced and amazing (and sensitive) customer service. And on top of that, three trees will be planted because of our purchase. Thanks so much!

Noella Bello Castro

Very satisfied with a bamboo coffin

I originally contacted Chris at the Cardboard Coffin Company when I was considering a cardboard coffin for my mum’s funeral, but then after a very helpful discussion with him about the availability of different materials and sizes, we decided to go for a bamboo one in a smaller-than-average size. It was a really good choice: it looked good, especially with a spray of natural-looking foliage and flowers on top, and there were no problems of any kind. I’d recommend this firm and this type of coffin without hesitation.

Kathy Clegg

Both of these reviews are from TrustPilot.

Bamboo Coffin Prices

Now that you know more about bamboo coffins, lets get down to one of the biggest issues, the money.

As with coffins of any material, they are more expensive when you buy from a Funeral Director. 

As an example, here are the prices of bamboo coffins from a selection of Funeral Directors:

  • Dignity (one of the largest chains in the UK): £755 
  • The Co-op: £580
  • Sussex Funerals: £600+
  • Bristol Funeral Directors: £650

However, they are available a lot cheaper online. 

For you to compare, here are the prices of most of the sellers online:

  • Natural Endings: £470
  • Caring Coffins: £399
  • Compare the Coffin: £375
  • Thinkwillow: £354.99
  • Coffin Company: £374 (£279 + £95 delivery)
  • Cardboard Coffin Company: £345

The cheapest online is £345. That is £235 cheaper than the Coop (a national Funeral Director and one of the largest too) sell the bamboo coffin for.

And the bamboo coffins available online are usually the same as those available through a Funeral Director (theres only a handful of bamboo coffin manufacturers).


A coffin is a larger than average product bought online. To ensure the bamboo coffin arrives safely, they are usually sent by courier. 

Most sellers online offer quick delivery. The bamboo coffin will usually arrive within 2–3 working days (and sometimes quicker).

It can be delivered to either your house, the Funeral Directors or any address of your choosing (for example, some people have had them sent to their workplace). 

Therefore, you could save yourself £235+ and have it delivered wherever you see fit.


Bamboo coffins are a natural and biodegradable eco coffin that are suitable for natural and traditional burials plus cremations too.

They’re not the absolute cheapest coffin available but they are far from the most expensive and are an attractive coffin option.

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