Cardboard Coffin Prices at Funeral Directors

Coffins are generally more expensive from a Funeral Director in comparison to buying online. But exactly how much more expensive?

This guide will tell you.

Most Funeral Directors do not actively show the prices of the coffins they sell. Fortunately a few do and the prices have been listed below.

Without further ado:

  • Gillots of Nottingham charge £370 for a white cardboard coffin (see page 19 of this
  • Parkman Funerals of South Wales charge white cardboard coffin £395. See this
  • Bristol Funeral Directors sell the white one for £500 and the Manila one for £450.
  • Poppy’s Funerals, London sell white one for £340.
  • Benedict Funeral Directors, Bedfordshire, sell printed ones that start from £610.
  • Poetic Endings, London charge £300 for the manila one, £340 for the white one, and £400 for the woodgrain one.
  • AB Walker, Reading charge £370 for a manila one.
  • D L Hancock, Bicester charge £470 for a white one.
  • The Individual Funeral Company charge £325 for a manila one.
  • Albany Funerals, Kent charge £350 for a white one.
  • Heart of England Co-op, price list.


Thats a lot of information… so to keep things simple, the prices have been averaged. They are:

  • Average of all: £385
  • Average of Manila (aka Value) coffin: £367
  • White & Woodgrain (aka Finished) coffin: £395

As a reminder the cheapest online are:

All of these include free delivery.


On average, Funeral Directors charge £385 for a cardboard coffin. This is £190 more than the cheapest online (the manila one).

What would you spend the £190 you saved on?

  • That’s about 47 pints of beer (at £4 a pint) – a nice round at the wake
  • That’s a night at a reasonable hotel across most the country – to celebrate the life of the one that has passed
  • Or simply keep it in the savings?

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N.B. This guide has take prices from Funeral Directors across the country. So it probably doesn’t not have your funeral director specifically. However this research it is indicative of the prices funeral directors charge.