Cardboard Coffin Cost

Cardboard Coffins are a cost effective alternative to the traditional (and frankly, quite expensive) full coffins.

But they can be a difficult product to purchase. You don’t know whats available and who is trustworthy to buy from.

Because, lets face it, this isn’t a regular purchase.

To help you find the right one for you, we’ve put together this brief guide on cardboard coffin cost.

What are the main costs?

The main costs when buying a cardboard coffin are:

1. The Coffin

2. Add ons

3. Delivery

The Coffin

There is usually a fixed price for the coffin which is displayed on most (but not all) sellers websites.

But beware of some who add on minor charges. These extra charges can include:

  • Extra for cremation
  • Extra for any customisation
  • Extra for delivery (more below)

We at the Cardboard Coffin Company find extra charges frustrating. The only time we change the price is if you’re buying the largest coffin available (for those over 6ft). Our supplier charges more, so we need to charge a little extra.


As with most items bought on the internet, a cardboard coffin will need to be delivered.

Sometimes it is not immediately obvious if the delivery is charged on top of the price on the website. Or if it is included.

So, please keep an eye out for this. Cardboard coffins are bigger than the average item bought online, and can have a bigger than average delivery fee.

We at the Cardboard Coffin Company do not add on a delivery fee. The price you see for a coffin will include the cost of it being delivered to you. Guaranteed.

What about the Funeral Director?

You are within your rights to source your own coffin and not buy one from your funeral director. They should allow you to buy one from wherever you see fit.

You do not have to purchase one from them.

Some try and charge a ‘handling fee’. If this is the case, its worth reviewing your options and looking for an alternative funeral director.

Whats next?

Now, hopefully you’ll have a feel for the general costs associated with buying a cardboard coffin.

The next step is to compare prices.

And that’s just what our next guide contains, a price comparison of cardboard coffins.