Cardboard Coffin Prices

Compare cardboard coffin prices and save hundreds versus buying a traditional coffin.

Cardboard coffins are typically a cheaper option than the standard coffin. Plus environmentally friendlier.

But its hard to compare the prices of something you don’t buy very often.

Plus it can be confusing.

There is a range of different suppliers and…

  • Some supply the public and some don’t.
  • A few don’t let you buy online easily, you have to make a ‘price enquiry’.
  • And some only sell them if you’re using them as a funeral director.

The three tables below will be your answer to these frustrations. They will help you compare the types of cardboard coffins available, the prices, and who to buy one from.

There are generally three different types of cardboard coffins:

  • Basic ones
  • Finished ones
  • And picture ones.

A table for each category has been setup for your ease.

Basic Cardboard Coffin Prices

These are cardboard coffins with the normal brown cardboard finish. Simple and great value…


CoffinPriceDelivery FeeTotal PriceSupplier
£230£0£230The Cardboard Coffin Company


Finished Cardboard Coffin Prices

These are cardboard coffins that have a superior finish and appearance but are still great value…


CoffinPriceDelivery FeeTotal PriceSupplierComment
£240£0£240Cardboard Coffin Company←Cheapest
£240£0£240Cardboard Coffin Company←Cheapest


Prices of Picture Cardboard Coffins

These are cardboard coffins that have picture finishes…


CoffinPriceDelivery FeeTotal CostSellerComment
£380£0£380The Cardboard Coffin Company←Cheapest


It is our aim to be the company that sells cardboard coffins for the cheapest price, with free delivery, and with a 100% money back guarantee.

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N.B. These lists do not show every single cardboard coffin available. It is intended to be a representation of the range available with retailers, at their general price points. The prices do not include any sales events the retailers may have.

If you see any cardboard coffins online at a cheaper price then please let us know.